Congratulations, East Goshen Democrats!

Congratulations everyone! You elected the most qualified, principled and dedicated group of public officials. 

David Shuey wins East Goshen Township Supervisor, the first time an elected Democrat has ever held this position. David ran a stellar campaign and came in first out of three candidates. His dedication to the many troubling ME2 pipeline issues, his fact-finding trips to Harrisburg and canvassing the township proved that knowledge is the basis of a winning campaign.


And if that was not enough good news... we had a first-time historic Democratic sweep of county row offices. The FIRST FOUR Democrats ever elected to county row office in Chester County, PA since its founding in 1799... and they are all women. Chester County Dems said it best, "What is so important about the row office results is not just that Dems finally have a seat at that table, but that the public interest will be advanced by an overall set of countywide officials who represent the diversity of the county—including these 4 highly talented and dedicated professionals."


It was a big win for the Democratic Party across the board this November 7th. Here in East Goshen, we watched as our candidates introduced themselves to each and every voter, took time to explain their platforms and listen to voter concerns. It was a long, hard campaign and now everyone is eager to... rest? Absolutely not. They are itching to get to work. As it has always been here in our corner of Pennsylvania, we are anxious to work together to make this township safe, profitable, equitable and the perfect place to live.

As for the Democrats who came out and showed up for your party, we thank you! We're going to need you to stay involved to have the greatest impact on future elections. Please come say hello at our next public meeting at the Township Building on November 30th at 7pm. 

Here are the still unofficial results which also include judges of Superior and Supreme Court. More updates as they become official throughout the following days.